Mar 12th 2018

Flowflex & Factory 4.0

In this series, I will be setting out what we expect from what’s being dubbed as the 4th Industrial Revolution [4IR], or otherwise Factory 4.0.

At Flowflex, we manufacture metal products and components in the UK for the plumbing and heating sector. We supply are a multitude of different fittings and valves that can be found in your bathroom, office, factory, airport etc etc etc. The products we supply are typically made from Copper, Brass or Bronze.

We first started manufacturing in 1954. In those days, manufacturing was a dirty, human intensive process. These days we have a robotics and automation to drive efficiency and higher outputs. The game is about to change again, if it hasn’t already.

So these will be our updates during our journey into the 4IR. I’m more than happy to talk to experts, leaders and anyone with some interest in this sector. Get in contact with me and I’ll look forward to having a chat!

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