Mar 19th 2018

Quality First

Choosing quality materials is essential for a long-lasting construction.  As an investment, quality building materials work in conjunction with other aspects of a construction to provide a cost-effective, safe and durable solution.

At Flowflex, we have been manufacturing in the UK for over 60 years, delivering products to the construction sector.  These years of experience have given us an understanding of the importance of producing quality products. For ourselves and for our customers.

Quality Management is the core of our processes at Flowflex

Our internal processes and products have achieved independent accreditation, demonstrating the quality of our service.  Continued investment in capital equipment ensures we push these service levels; our manufacturing, quality control and distribution further, whilst maintaining our competitive edge in the market.

Our entire range is proudly marked with our brand as a mark of long-lasting quality.  In case of any doubt, you can always contact us directly to confirm our products, however looking for the markings shown below is the easiest way to ensure you are buying correctly.

Flowflex Mark of Quality

We guarantee all of our products to demonstrate how confident we are in what we produce.  It is these guarantees, together with our mark of quality which repeatedly puts our products firmly on the global stage.  From the small housing projects of the UK, to the high profile, glamorous constructions of the Middle East; Flowflex delivers quality and service for all.

Installers can never be too careful as to which products they are using.  We are always happy to be consulted with regards to our products and your applications.  For any questions, please contact us today.

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