Mar 16th 2018

Water Saving Week 2018

Have you ever tried to reduce your water usage?

If so you’ll know that is difficult to cut down on something which is seemingly readily available everywhere you go. However, did you know that the UK has less available water per person than most other European countries? London is drier than Istanbul, and the South East of England has less water available per person than some African countries.

Here in Buxton, Derbyshire (where we have just escaped larger than head height drifts of snow) a water shortage is at the very back of our minds. However increased populations, extreme & erratic weather patterns (our bread and butter) and the ‘modern lifestyle’ has led to increasing pressure being put on our water supplies. Many places in the world don’t have the luxury of water on demand and the current crisis in Cape Town demonstrates how quickly things can change.  It is essential that we take positive action now to ensure there is enough water to go around all households, for businesses and for the environment.

Waterwise is the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK, with the vision ‘that water will be used wisely, every day, everywhere’. In 2015, Waterwise started Water Saving Week to help get the nation talking about saving water. This year Water Saving Week will run from Monday 19th March to Friday 23rd March, coinciding with World Water Day on Thursday 22nd March.

This week our minds will be with people around the world who don’t have the same access to water we do. Each day next week we will be posting information and tips on how you can save water and get involved with Water Saving Week. Let’s lead by example and make a change.

Reference: Press Release 06.03.2018

Dan Jones