General Specification

Flowflex PEX Fittings is our solution for connecting brass fittings to PEX pipe. Manufactured to BS EN 1254-3:1998, our fittings come manufactured with a insert and are supplied with a split olive to allow for a firm joint.

The wider PEX system supplied by Flowflex includes Manifolds and Valves to support underfloor heating installations and the isolation of terminal appliances.

Flowflex operates a quality management system audited by the British Standards Institute for the manufacture and supply of fittings and components for use in all applications of the HVAC industry.

Flowflex reserve the right to alter the product ranges and specifications associated with its products without prior notice

Working Conditions

Maximum Temperatures (°C) Maximum Pressures (bar)
6mm < 54mm 54mm < 108mm
30 16 10
65 10 6
110 6 4
120 5 3