Solder Ring Straight, Reduced & Metric Imperial Coupling C901SR

Solder Ring Straight, Reduced & Metric Imperial Coupling C901SR

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Solder Ring Straight, Reduced & Metric Imperial Coupling

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Product Range

Solder Ring


CodeDesignationMass (kg)Bag QtyBox QtyTariff Code
C901SR.028 x 8mm0.00425200074121000
C901SR.0310 x 10mm0.00525200074121000
C901SR.0412 x 12mm0.006825200074121000
C901SR.0515 x 15mm0.1125100074121000
C901SR.0822 x 22mm0.0252540074121000
C901SR.0928 x 28mm0.03991020074121000
C901SR.1035 x 35mm0.066518074121000
C901SR.1142 x 42mm0.097510074121000
C901SR.1254 x 54mm0.18226074121000
C901SR.1715 x 8mm0.011825150074121000
C901SR.1815 x 10mm0.011325100074121000
C901SR.1915 x 12mm0.011310150074121000
C901SR.2022 x 15mm0.02682575074121000
C901SR.2128 x 15mm0.04141035074121000
C901SR.2228 x 22mm0.042535074121000
C901SR.2335 x 28mm0.0739520074121000
C901SR.23135 x 22mm0.0717530074121000
C901SR.23642 x 28mm0.108454074121000
C901SR.236142 x 35mm0.117654074121000
C901SR.23954 x 35mm1.4854074121000
C901SR.2454 x 42mm0.173154074121000
C901SR.2522mm x 3/4"0.0282540074121000
C901SR.2628mm x 1"0.0371030074121000
C901SR.2715mm x 1/2"0.009725100074121000
C901SR.2835mm x 1/4"0.0777520074121000
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