DZR One Piece Reducing Set J17DR

DZR One Piece Reducing Set J17DR

Product Code



DZR One Piece Reducing Set

Product Type

Reducing Set

Product Range



CodeDesignationMass (kg)Bag QtyBox QtyTariff Code
J17DR.148 x 6mm0.00322050074122000
J17DR.1510 x 8mm0.0032050074122000
J17DR.1612 x 10mm0.00442050074122000
J17DR.16515 x 8mm0.0182050074122000
J17DR.1715 x 10mm0.01431050074122000
J17DR.1815 x 12mm0.00962050074122000
J17DR.1918 x 12mm0.022040074122000
J17DR.2018 x 15mm0.0122040074122000
J17DR.2122 x 15mm0.0242030074122000
J17DR.2222 x 18mm0.01822030074122000
J17DR.2728 x 12mm0.0782020074122000
J17DR.2828 x 15mm0.0682030074122000
J17DR.2928 x 22mm0.0362030074122000
J17DR.3135 x 15mm0.10410150-
J17DR.3235 x 22mm0.1041015074122000
J17DR.3535 x 28mm0.06151015074122000
J17DR.4242 x 22mm0.2281010074122000
J17DR.4342 x 28mm0.2171010074122000
J17DR.4442 x 35mm0.1971010074122000
J17DR.5354 x 28mm0.4105074122000
J17DR.5454 x 35mm0.2125105074122000
J17DR.5554 x 42mm0.2125105074122000
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