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December 8, 2020

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The click fix is a pre-soldered copper repair patch and the one stop fix to a leaking pipe. The solder ring fitting is ideal for use when a copper pipe is damaged or springs a leak in the most awkward place.

The click fix repair patch is ideal in domestic applications and is available in two sizes to enable fixes to both 15mm and 22mm copper tube which is manufactured to BS EN 1057.

For peace of mind the click fix has undertaken various tests at the University of Salford and has successfully maintained a leak tight seal over a damaged area of pipe for a minimum period of 30 minutes when subjected to a pressure slightly in excess of 50 bar at a temperature of 22°C.

  • Compatible with Copper Pipe to BS EN 1057


  • Domestic


Flowflex operates a quality management system audited by the British Standards Institute for the manufacture and supply of fittings and components for use in all applications of the HVAC industry.

Tube Compatibility

All installers should ensure that the size of the valve matches the size of the tube, whilst also ensuring both are in good condition and free from damage and imperfections.

Flowflex Click Fix are designed to connect BS EN 1057 tube.

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