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The Perfect Solution To Increase Water Pressure Anywhere In The Home

Suffering from a low pressure shower? Can't get enough water to your taps? Is that last radiator always cold? Then the In-Line Micro Pump is probably for you.

The In-Line Micro Pump will deliver 1.1 bars of pressure, or between 6-8 litres/minute of flow, all while using just 5% of the energy required by traditional pumps.

If you are looking to increase water pressure in your home, or simply looking for a low-cost, lightweight solution to moving water, the Flowflex In-Line Micro Pump is for you.

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Easy To Install

Suitable for any DIY enthusiast; No professional installation or electrician required.

Energy Saving

Powered from any household socket, using just 5% of the energy required by traditional pumps.

Quiet Operation

Much quieter than traditional pumps. Noise tests measured <50 Db from 0.1 metres away.

Compatible With Any Home

Where Can I Install the In-Line Micro Pump?

The In-Line Micro Pump is a small, compact and flexible solution which can be used with any plumbing system. It can be installed by anyone almost anywhere, in any orientation. Even underwater. This unique ease of installation means the In-Line Micro Pump can boost the water supply to any of your appliances or outlets.

  • Electric Showers
  • Rain Showers
  • Boreholes / Wells
  • Taps
  • Radiators
  • Combination Boilers
  • Gravity Fed Systems
  • Mains Pressure Systems
  • Solar Thermal Applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The In-Line Micro Pump uses traditional compression connections, allowing for a really simple installation onto standard issue Copper Pipe. Lastly, you will just need to connect the pump to a standard 12V plug to supply power.

Full installation instructions can be found on our installation page.

Sometimes if the water flow is too low, you cannot rely on the flow-switch on its own. Instead you may need to reconfigure the wiring so that the pump is activated by the power supply.

In this case you can connect the pump to a three-pin plug socket, a light switch or make use of a radio remote. This will allow you to active the pump when required, rather than leaving it on at all times.

The In-Line Micro Pump can legally pump low water mains pressure in the UK and Scotland.

In the UK it is illegal to take more than 12 litres/minute from the mains supply. Luckily the In-Line Micro Pump delivers a flow-rate just short of this maximum limit, allowing you to conform to the water bylaws.

Yes, the In-Line Micro Pump has WRAS Certification.

Air trapped in the pipework can significantly reduce flow. If the pump runs but the LED fluctuates between a solid and flashing blue light, it is likely trapped air.

Remove any shower head, fully turn on the shower and plug the power supply directly into the white motor (bypassing the electronic brain). This will maximise flow and pass most pockets of trapped air. If the hot pipe near the cylinder rises into the loft, across and down to the outlet, an ‘inverted U’ is created which may trap a column or air with no means of escaping. A solution is to tee the pipe into the vent pipe and fit the Shower Power Booster there.

Yes, we recommend that you carry out the following pre fitting checks:

Plug in the transformer and pumps before fitting, and simply blow through the pump to activate the flow switch. This was done at the factory, so you should not find a problem, but for peace of mind a pre fitting check is recommended.

The LED light on an In Line Micro Pump is a useful diagnostic tool:
No LED light – Pump has no power
Constant LED light – Flow switch has power
Slow flashing light – Transformer fault
Fast flashing light – Pump is pumping and water flowing through the pump at a rate greater than 1.5 litres a minute

Please note that after switching off the flow switch will delay switching the pump on again for up to 20 seconds (depending on switching program). This delay is deliberate and allows pumps to deal with air entrained in a system and is not a fault.

In-Line Micro Pump

The go-to low water pressure solution