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In Line Micro Pump Product Range

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May 4, 2021

Flowflex reserve the right to alter the product ranges and specifications associated with its products without prior notice

The Flowflex in line micro pump is designed to boost water pressure to single taps or showers, bathrooms and even improve water pressure for the whole house. The Shower Power Booster is a quiet in line micro pump that is suitable for domestic installation on both gravity and mains system. The automatic pump can be installed on both positive and negative head applications and requires a flow of just 1.5 L/Min to operate.

The Shower Power Booster is the only in line micro pump which is suitable for all systems and applications, it is also the lightest and most flexible pump on the market meaning you can install the pump where ever it is most convenient.

We have a full range of In line micro pumps but our most popular is the SP2B automatic shower power booster.


Boosting the water pressure to a single tap or shower or improving the pressure of a whole house, the Shower Power Booster is suitable for installation on all plumbing systems & applications:

Gravity Systems
Positive & Negative Head
Mains feed
Mixed System (Gravity Hot & Mains Cold
Electric Showers
Combi Boilers

Key Technical Features

Full Automatic Switching
Add up to 0.5 Bar to any system
Pumps up to 9 L/Min
Quiet Operation
Flexible Installation locations
Simple 3 step Installation
22mm or 15mm Compression Connection
Fully Waterproof

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Flowflex operates a quality management system audited by the British Standards Institute for the manufacture and supply of fittings and components for use in all applications of the HVAC industry.

Working Conditions

Technical Specifications
Maximum Head 5.2m to 6m
Typical Output 5 L/Min @ 3.2m
Maximum Sustained Pressure 4 Bars
Maximum Sustained Temperature 85°C
Minimum Flow Rate 1.5 L/Min
Maximum Flow Rate 9 L/Min
Electrical Specifications
Transformer 12 Volt 3 or 5 Amp Transformer
Input 100 - 240 Volts 50/60Hz
Output 12 Volts DC
Power Consumption 12.6 Watts @ 5 L/Min
Fuse Rating 3 Amp
Power Cable 3 Pin Plug with 1m AC Cable Male DC Plug with 1m DC Cable
All working conditions assume that the components have been assembled and connected correctly, and adhere to their respective tube compatiblity
When planning to use our products in applications outside the scope of our recommendations, approval from us should be obtained beforehand. Please contact us in these cases.
Pump Performance Total Pressure Including 1m Static Head
Intermediate pressure ratings shall be obtained by interpolation

Material Specification