Mini Ball Valves
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Flowflex Mini Ball Valves are a quick way of isolating flow in a system. Flow is controlled through a quarter turn action which moves the hole in the ball inline or out of line with the flow, preventing or facilitating flow as appropriate.

Flowflex Brass DZR Mini Ball Valves are supplied in a chrome finish and regarded as a long term and reliable solution, performing well after long periods of disuse. The quick operation of a Mini Ball Valve, is an advantage, and makes it ideal for emergency applications, however by the same merit, a disadvantage may be that Mini Ball Valves may induce water hammer in a system.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows for the quick isolation of a water supply
  • Quarter turn operation
  • Compression Ends to BS EN 1254-2
  • Thread Ends to ISO 228
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

The Range

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our range of Mini Valves have both Compression Ends which are manufactured to BS EN 1254-2 and both Male and Female Thread Ends which are to ISO 228.

No, all our range of Mini Ball Valves are not full bore

Yes, the black handles are plastic.

Mini Ball Valves operate through a quarter turn action. Simply turn the convenient black handle 90 degrees to close the valve. When the black handle is in line with the pipe the mini ball valve is open.

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