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The Pressure Relief Terminal that will save you time and money

The Pipe Cowl is a pre-soldered solution for pressure relief termination designed to save you time and money. The Pipe Cowl comes in both 15mm and 22mm sizes and also as an extended version to remove the need for any scaffolding when installing in high rise buildings.

Traditional pressure relief terminations require extra tube, 2 bends and 4 soldered joint to be made, resulting in a lot of wasted time and a different finish for each installation. The Pipe Cowl changes all this by guaranteeing a neat finish every time, with one just fitting and one soldered joint.

Features & Benefits

  • Only one fitting needed
  • Only one joint needed
  • Guarantees a neat finish every time
  • Manufactured to BS EN 1254
  • Complies with all current legislation
  • NHBC approved


  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Pressure Relief Termination
Flowflex Pipe Cowl example Boiler installation

The Pipe Cowl is designed to save you more than 15mins during every boiler installation

Flowflex Pipe Cowl gives a clean finish against the wall

The Pipe Cowl gives a much cleaner finish against the wall, whilst only using one fitting and one pre-soldered joint

Flowflex Pipe Cowl makes installing a heights a breeze

Our Extended Pipe Cowl can be pushed through the wall, making high-rise installations easy

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The Pipe Cowl is the quickest, neatest and lowest cost installation solution for pressure relief termination. Standard installation would involve extra tube, 2 elbows and 4 soldered joints which means every installation is different. The Pipe Cowl can be installed with just one soldered joint guaranteeing a neat finish every time saving time and money.

Full installation instructions can be found on our installation page.

The Pipe Cowl is available in both 15mm and 22mm. We also have an Extended Pipe Cowl which is 15mm and has 400mm of copper tube.

An extended pipe cowl enables the installer to carry out full installation from inside the building. This removed the need of spending time and money on scaffolding or abseiling allowing for easy high level installation.

The pipe cowl is manufactured to BS EN 1254, complies with all current legislation and NHBC approved.

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