Top Up Mate

Automatic Boiler Pressurisation

There are approximately 10 million pressurised domestic heating systems in the UK. Two thirds of which suffer from pressure loss due to often small and impossible to detect leaks which could be located anywhere on the system.

This leakage, which can evaporate and is virtually undetectable, results in pressure loss and leads to system shut down. Boiler shut down occurs without prior warning meaning no heating and no hot water supply.

The Top Up Mate offers automatic boiler pressurisation meaning you will never come home to no heating or hot water due to low pressure.

Specific to domestic pressurised heating systems the Top Up Mate is your silent plumber preventing dangerous over pressurisation, protecting you from flooding whilst maintaining the optimal pressure to ensure your boiler works efficiently & continuously.

Top Up Mate is fully mechanical and requires no batteries or electrical supply to operate.

Furthermore the device is supplied pre-set & factory sealed meaning it can be easily installed in under 5 minutes, making it suitable for DIY installation.

Top Up Mate was previously called Mechanical Filling Device (MFD)