About Us

Flowflex is a designer, engineer and manufacturer of high quality non-ferrous fittings, valves and components, primarily for the plumbing and heating sector.

Founded in 1954, Flowflex remains a family business with manufacturing facilities in Buxton, Derbyshire. Our business is founded on an ethos that champions integrity, transparency, support and exceptional quality, ensuring we excel in everything we produce.

An International Business

From The UK to the Far East

As a leading British Manufacturer, we now supply our products all around the world, providing outstanding quality of manufacture alongside the technical support required by many of our customers.

Our fittings, valves and components have been installed in many of the world's most prestigious projects and continue to provide the reliability our customers rely upon.

Engineering and Innovation

A Wealth Of Experience

Flowflex is a business dedicated to enginering excellence, designing and developing products to make customers lives easier. Through our research and development programme we are continually improving existing products and designing new ones to meet market needs.

We also champion British innovation by working with inventors to help engineer and bring their products to market.

British Manufacturing

Assured Quality and Dedication

Our six acre site manufactures the majority of our products with hot press forging and an array of machining equipment to product high quality fittings.

Our investment programme ensures our facilities are kept up to date with the latest manufacturing developments, providing efficient and effective production.

Extensive Product Range

Helping You Focus

Our product range exceeds more than 10,000 parts and components to meet our customers' needs. These includes fittings, valves and other components primarily suited and designed for the plumbing and heating sector.

We supply standard sizes as well as specials that can be engineered and manufactured to specific requirements.

Bespoke Engineering Solutions

Fulfilling Your Needs

We work with many other manufacturers to provide bespoke solutions for their own products, designing and manufacturing tailor made components to their specifications.

Our design and development team have worked with customers in the automotive, air handling, HVAC and many other industries and would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

The Support You Need

Always Here For You

Flowflex is founded on technical and engineering excellence, enabling us to provide the support our customers need, whether specifiers, contractors, installers or other manufacturers.

Our technical and design team has the knowledge and expertise to provide valuable input and advice for most projects and are available to help yours be a success.

Flowflex - British Engineered Plumbing and Heating Solutions