Compression Straight & Reduced Coupling P901

Compression Straight & Reduced Coupling P901

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Compression Straight & Reduced Coupling

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Product Range



CodeDesignationMass (kg)Bag QtyBox QtyTariff Code
P901.016 x 6mm0.03652030074122000
P901.028 x 8mm0.03210100074122000
P901.0310 x 10mm0.05731020074122000
P901.0412 x 12mm0.04892020074122000
P901.04214 x 14mm0.0772020074122000
P901.0515 x 15mm0.06762020074122000
P901.06216 x 16mm0.0682020074122000
P901.0718 x 18mm0.10391010074122000
P901.07520 x 20mm0.141010074122000
P901.0822 x 22mm0.12111010074122000
P901.0928 x 28mm0.174955074122000
P901.1035 x 35mm0.266455074122000
P901.1142 x 42mm0.389223074122000
P901.1254 x 54mm0.625222074122000
P901.138 x 6mm0.034652030074122000
P901.1410 x 8mm0.046151030074122000
P901.1512 x 8mm0.043152020074122000
P901.1612 x 10mm0.05372020074122000
P901.16414 x 10mm0.07222020074122000
P901.16614 x 12mm0.06762020074122000
P901.1715 x 8mm0.05562020074122000
P901.1815 x 10mm0.066352020074122000
P901.1915 x 12mm0.063352020074122000
P901.19015 x 14mm0.118852020074122000
P901.190516 x 10mm0.070552020074122000
P901.19116 x 14mm0.072020074122000
P901.19216 x 15mm0.06722020074122000
P901.192118 x 12mm0.08121010074122000
P901.192218 x 10mm0.08281010074122000
P901.19318 x 15mm0.091451010074122000
P901.2022 x 15mm0.105951010074122000
P901.20322 x 18mm0.12061010074122000
P901.2128 x 15mm0.15045510074122000
P901.2228 x 22mm0.172255074122000
P901.22535 x 22mm0.2673555074122000
P901.2335 x 28mm0.2642553074122000
P901.23642 x 28mm0.3995523074122000
P901.236142 x 35mm0.344922074122000
P901.23854 x 28mm0.4708522074122000
P901.2454 x 42mm0.625522074122000
P901.28108mm x 4"0.351174122000
P901.3176mm x 3"0.351174122000
Flowflex reserve the right to alter the product ranges and specifications associated with its products without prior notice

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