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January 4, 2021

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The click fix is a pre-soldered copper repair patch and the one stop fix to a leaking pipe. The solder ring fitting is ideal for use when a copper pipe is damaged or springs a leak in the most awkward place.

The click fix repair patch is ideal in domestic applications and is available in two sizes to enable fixes to both 15mm and 22mm copper tube which is manufactured to BS EN 1057.

For peace of mind the click fix has undertaken various tests at the University of Salford and has successfully maintained a leak tight seal over a damaged area of pipe for a minimum period of 30 minutes when subjected to a pressure slightly in excess of 50 bar at a temperature of 22°C.


  • Domestic



Soldered joints depend on capillary action drawing free-flowing molten solder into the gap between the fitting and the tube.

The selection of a solder depends primarily on the operating pressure and temperature of the system. Consideration should also be given to the stresses on joints caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

In the cases of a short run, or a long run with an expansion loop, the stresses caused by a temperature change are usually insignificant.

The 50:50 tin:lead solder is suitable for moderate pressures and temperatures. For higher pressures, or where greater joint strength is required, 95:5 tin:silver can be used. When operating outside of these parameters, please consult us before installation.


The functions of soldering flux are to protect against re-oxidation of the joint during the soldering procedure, promote wetting that allows capillary action to begin, and to assist in residual oxide removal.

Flux should only be applied to surfaces that have been cleaned using an abrasive cloth. After this, only enough flux to lightly coat the areas should be used, only in the areas where the tube and fitting will overlap. All fluxes should be used sparingly and strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The use of excessive flux must be avoided. Some fluxes are more aggressive than others but all fluxes should be considered to be corrosive to some extent.

An oxide film may re-form quickly on copper after it has been cleaned. Therefore, the flux should be applied as quickly as possible after cleaning.


  • Copper Pipe
  • Click Fix
  • Flux
  • Flame
  • Hand & Eye Protection


Check click fix and Tube

Check click fix and Tube

Ensure that the damage has not gone all the way through the copper pipe. Check that all the solder is present in the click fix.

Repairs can be made without replacing pipe work.

Add Flux and Apply Heat

Add Flux and Apply Heat

Simply add some flux to the Click Fix and click the repair patch onto the pipe so that the whole is covered. Apply heat until a seal has been made, the repair is completed in minutes.

Do not over flux..

The click fix repair patch, when installed correctly, is a permanent fix.


We recommend that all systems are throughly tested upon completion. Whenever possible, completed systems should also be flushed to remove debris.

Hydraulic Installations

In hydraulic based installations, the system may be tested to 1.5 times the working pressure of the system. If higher test pressures are required, then please contact us for further advice.

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