Inline Micro Pump

Shower Power Booster

Innovative Inline Micro Pump

Award Winning
Won Best Water Innovation by Imperial College London 2012
Super Charged
Can add up to 1.1 Bar of pressure to your system
Silent Operation
Next to no noise during operation. Noise measured at <50 Db from 0.1 metres.
Easy Install
Plug and Play operation, no Electrician required. 12 Volt DC high performance pump which plugs into existing 3 pin socket
Cost Effective Solution
The double boost is half the cost of of rivals basic purchase cost
Small & Lightweight
The SPB is a micro-pump, coming in at 150mm x 42mm x 125mm
 and only weighing 0.18 KG


Heating Systems
Borehole Pump
Irrigation Systems

Why Use Our Inline Micro Pump?

The In Line Micro Pump is an award winning, innovative product, celebrated for its power versus size properties, winning Best Water Innovation by Imperial College London 2012.

Designed as a retro-fit booster, it uses a safe 12-volt brushless motor, which is highly efficient, fully waterproof, with low friction long-life bearings. It is highly efficient when pumping volumes of water of up to 6.5 litres per minute, which is sufficient for a good shower or tap flow.

The pump will adjust its flow rate according to needs so a single pump can give you 8.5 litres a minute for rain showers and or taps which offer little resistance to flow. The SPB deactivates itself at flow rates over 9 litres per minute, and in a power cut, all flows including flows greater than 9 litres a minute. The flow after you receive from the Inline Micro Pump when deactivated will then simply be the same as before you fitted it.

The Inline Micro Pump has been installed in thousands of homes across the UK and beyond since 2012 with close to 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Retrofit Inline Micro Pump
  • Easy To Install
  • Fully Automatic
  • Double up for a boost or balanced flow
  • Boost your water pressure to all terminals
  • Suitable for all systems
  • For use with Positive & Negative head


Single Pump


Double Pump


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