Shower Power Booster

Improve your shower pressure today with our efficient & effective Inline Micro Pump

Quiet Operation

Quieter than traditional pumps. Noise tests measured <50 Db from 0.1 metres.

Energy Saving

Powered from any household socket, using fraction of the energy used by a traditional pump

Easy Installation

Suitable for any DIY enthusiast; No professional installation or electrician required.

2 Year Warranty

Flowflex 2 Year Warranty together with a 30-day money-back guarantee & free delivery.

The Go-To Solution to Improve Shower Pressure in the Home

The Shower Power Booster is a unique and compact pump which can be DIY fitted in your home to quickly boost performance of any shower by up to 1.1 bar of pressure; enough to give you a great shower.

The Shower Power Booster uses a safe 12V DC power supply which can be plugged into any conventional 3 pin plug in your home. Simple plumbing can be undertaken by any DIY enthusiast removing expensive installation costs.

The Shower Power Booster will also save you energy. Our Pump requires just 12 watts; just 5% of the energy required by traditional pumps.

Compatible With Any Home

Where can the Shower Power Booster be used?

The Shower Power Booster is a micro-pump; small and compact. It is a flexible solution which can be used with any plumbing system. It can be installed by anyone almost anywhere, in any orientation. Even under water. It can fit in tight spots, making it easy to improve shower pressure in your home.

  • Electric Showers
  • Rain Showers
  • Boreholes & Wells
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Gravity Fed Systems
  • Mains Pressure Systems
  • Solar Thermal Applications

Shower Power Booster Reviews

Want to get started with your Shower Power Booster?

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