End Feed Reduced Tee 5130R

End Feed Reduced Tee 5130R

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End Feed Reduced Tee

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End Feed


CodeDesignationMass (kg)Bag QtyBox QtyTariff Code
5130R.10822108108 x 108 x 22mm1.3561574121000
5130R.10835108108 x 108 x 35mm1.2671574121000
5130R.10842108108 x 108 x 42mm1.311574121000
5130R.10854108108 x 108 x 54mm1.4191574121000
5130R.10867108108 x 108 x 67mm1.4041474121000
5130R.10876108108 x 108 x 76mm1.6431474121000
5130R.133108133133 x 133 x 108mm3.0231174121000
5130R.15101515 x 15 x 10mm0.0181080074121000
5130R.15151015 x 10 x 15mm0.0232580074121000
5130R.15221515 x 15 x 22mm0.042525074121000
5130R.159108159159 x 159 x 108mm3.8551174121000
5130R.159133159159 x 159 x 133mm4.8621174121000
5130R.15954159159 x 159 x 54mm2.7641174121000
5130R.15967159159 x 159 x 67mm3.311174121000
5130R.15976159159 x 159 x 76mm3.3741174121000
5130R.219159219219 x 219 x 159mm51174121000
5130R.221022 22 x 22 x 10mm----
5130R.22151522 x 15 x 15mm0.0372535074121000
5130R.22152222 x 22 x 15mm0.042530074121000
5130R.22221522 x 15 x 22mm0.062525074121000
5130R.22282222 x 22 x 28mm0.0751017074121000
5130R.28151528 x 15 x 15mm0.071015074121000
5130R.28152228 x 22 x 15mm----
5130R.28152828 x 28 x 15mm0.0521017074121000
5130R.28221528 x 15 x 22mm0.0821015074121000
5130R.28222228 x 22 x 22mm0.0831010074121000
5130R.28222828 x 28 x 22mm0.0751015074121000
5130R.28281528 x 15 x 28mm0.0881014074121000
5130R.28282228 x 22 x 28mm0.091015074121000
5130R.35153535 x 35 x 15mm0.1510074121000
5130R.35222235 x 22 x 22mm0.10959074121000
5130R.35222835 x 28 x 22mm0.11659074121000
5130R.35223535 x 35 x 22mm0.11357074121000
5130R.35282835 x 28 x 28mm0.13558074121000
5130R.35283535 x 35 x 28mm0.12756074121000
5130R.35352235 x 22 x 35mm0.15656074121000
5130R.35352835 x 28 x 35mm0.1656074121000
5130R.42154242 x 42 x 15mm0.1356074121000
5130R.42224242 x 42 x 22mm0.13955074121000
5130R.42284242 x 42 x 28mm0.15454074121000
5130R.42353542 x 35 x 35mm0.21154074121000
5130R.42354242 x 42 x 35mm0.23354074121000
5130R.42423542 x 35 x 42mm0.2754074121000
5130R.54155454 x 54 x 15mm0.2222074121000
5130R.54225454 x 54 x 22mm0.29522074121000
5130R.54285454 x 54 x 28mm0.31522074121000
5130R.54355454 x 54 x 35mm0.31722074121000
5130R.54425454 x 54 x 42mm0.36112574121000
5130R.54544254 x 42 x 54mm0.412574121000
5130R.67286767 x 67 x 28mm0.41512074121000
5130R.67356767 x 67 x 35mm0.48212074121000
5130R.67426767 x 67 x 42mm0.48512074121000
5130R.67546767 x 67 x 54mm0.54811274121000
5130R.76287676 x 76 x 28mm0.68511074121000
5130R.76357676 x 76 x 35mm0.68511074121000
5130R.76427676 x 76 x 42mm0.63411074121000
5130R.76547676 x 76 x 54mm0.07811074121000
5130R.76677676 x 76 x 67mm0.77511074121000
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