Solder Ring Reduced Branch Tee C702SR

Solder Ring Reduced Branch Tee C702SR

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Solder Ring Reduced Branch Tee

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Product Range

Solder Ring


CodeDesignationMass (kg)Bag QtyBox QtyTariff Code
C702SR.13315 x 15 x 10mm0.029125100074121000
C702SR.1622 x 22 x 15mm0.0492530074121000
C702SR.1928 x 28 x 15mm0.06881018074121000
C702SR.2035 x 35 x 28mm0.0811015074121000
C702SR.2135 x 35 x 22mm0.12559074121000
C702SR.2235 x 35 x 15mm0.12159074121000
C702SR.2335 x 35 x 28mm0.13957074121000
C702SR.2442 x 42 x 15mm0.15355074121000
C702SR.2542 x 42 x 22mm0.17356074121000
C702SR.2642 x 42 x 28mm0.192454074121000
C702SR.2742 x 42 x 35mm0.215954074121000
C702SR.3354 x 54 x 15mm0.28222074121000
C702SR.3454 x 54 x 22mm0.28922074121000
C702SR.3554 x 54 x 28mm0.30722074121000
C702SR.3654 x 54 x 35mm0.35722074121000
C702SR.3754 x 54 x 42mm0.388312574121000
Flowflex reserve the right to alter the product ranges and specifications associated with its products without prior notice

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