Compression Reduced Branch Tee P702

Compression Reduced Branch Tee P702

Product Code



Compression Reduced Branch Tee

Product Type


Product Range



CodeDesignationMass (kg)Bag QtyBox QtyTariff Code
P702.012112 x 12 x 10mm0.080252020074122000
P702.07718 x 18 x 12mm0.142851010074122000
P702.07818 x 18 x 15mm0.14671010074122000
P702.11615 x 15 x 10mm0.105752010074122000
P702.12515 x 15 x 12mm0.099752010074122000
P702.1622 x 22 x 15mm0.1639105074122000
P702.16122 x 22 x 12mm0.18265105074122000
P702.16622 x 22 x 18mm0.19575105074122000
P702.1928 x 28 x 15mm0.266554074122000
P702.2028 x 28 x 22mm0.2788554074122000
P702.2135 x 35 x 22mm0.3531553074122000
P702.2235 x 35 x 15mm0.440453074122000
P702.2335 x 35 x 28mm0.4558553074122000
P702.2442 x 42 x 15mm0.71522074122000
P702.2542 x 42 x 22mm0.5127522074122000
P702.2642 x 42 x 28mm0.7272522074122000
P702.2742 x 42 x 35mm0.708821674122000
P702.3354 x 54 x 15mm0.990611074122000
P702.33554 x 54 x 22mm0.9613511074122000
P702.3454 x 54 x 28mm0.9742511074122000
P702.3654 x 54 x 35mm0.991611074122000
P702.3754 x 54 x 42mm0.993911074122000
P702.3867 x 67 x 54mm1.02411074122000
P702.3967 x 67 x 15mm1.0241174122000
P702.4067 x 67 x 22mm1.0241174122000
P702.4167 x 67 x 28mm1.0241174122000
P702.4267 x 67 x 35mm1.0241174122000
P702.4367 x 67 x 42mm1.0241174122000
P702.4476 x 76 x 15mm1.0241174122000
P702.4576 x 76 x 22mm1.0241174122000
P702.4676 x 76 x 28mm1.0241174122000
P702.4776 x 76 x 35mm1.0241174122000
P702.4876 x 76 x 42mm1.0241174122000
P702.4976 x 76 x 54mm1.0241174122000
P702.5076 x 76 x 67mm1.0241174122000
P702.51108 x 108 x 15mm111-
P702.52108 x 108 x 22mm111-
P702.53108 x 108 x 28mm111-
P702.54108 x 108 x 35mm111-
P702.55108 x 108 x 42mm111-
P702.56108 x 108 x 54mm111-
P702.57108 x 108 x 67mm111-
P702.58108 x 108 x 76mm111-
Flowflex reserve the right to alter the product ranges and specifications associated with its products without prior notice

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