Compression Male Taper Elbow P802T

Compression Male Taper Elbow P802T

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Compression Male Taper Elbow

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CodeDesignationMass (kg)Bag QtyBox QtyTariff Code
P802T.026mm x 1/4"0.037252030074122000
P802T.048mm x 1/4"0.02882030074122000
P802T.0458mm x 3/8"0.04962030074122000
P802T.0510mm x 1/4"0.051152020074122000
P802T.0610mm x 3/8"0.061552020074122000
P802T.0710mm x 1/2"0.071352020074122000
P802T.0812mm x 1/4"0.047552020074122000
P802T.0912mm x 3/8"0.054552020074122000
P802T.1012mm x 1/2"0.068752020074122000
P802T.1115mm x 1/4"----
P802T.1215mm x 3/8"0.07182020074122000
P802T.1315mm x 1/2"0.07042020074122000
P802T.13115mm x 3/4"0.10522010074122000
P802T.13518mm x 1/2"0.111251010074122000
P802T.13618mm x 3/4"0.112451010074122000
P802T.13922mm x 1/2"0.166551010074122000
P802T.1422mm x 3/4"0.143951010074122000
P802T.1522mm x 1"0.156951010074122000
P802T.15928mm x 3/4"0.2434555074122000
P802T.1628mm x 1"0.2214555074122000
Flowflex reserve the right to alter the product ranges and specifications associated with its products without prior notice

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