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The Secure Footing for Every Mixer Installation

The 150 is an innovative shower wall plate that is designed to save you time and money for every mixer bar installation. The 150 creates a secure platform for installers to prepare and expose 15mm pipe 150mm apart, fed from any direction, before final works when installing a mixer bar, or other bathroom fixtures.

The 150 is a flexible shower wall plate that is manufactured in a strong plastic which gives strength and a secure support when exposing the pipework. It sits flush to the wall and can be attached to stud walls, plaster board, wood as well as brick work.

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Features & Benefits

  • Essential 'First Fix' to hold pipes in correct position
  • Provides strength & support to ensure a secure fix
  • Saves time for each install
  • Sits flush to the wall
  • Compatible with 15mm Copper Pipe to BS EN 1057 and similar plastic tube
Making Your Life Easier

The 150 Solution

Flowflex Pipe Cowl example Boiler installation

Typically, it can be time consuming to correctly orientate and align 15mm pipes ready for a mixer installation.

Flowflex Pipe Cowl example Boiler installation

It can also be frustrating to return after the plastering and tiling to find your pipes out of whack.

Flowflex Pipe Cowl makes installing a heights a breeze

The 150 changes all of that, securing your installation and saving you significant time and money.

Flowflex Pipe Cowl makes installing a heights a breeze

The 150 will give you the tools for a quick and clean installation for you and your happy customers.


  • Innovative Shower Wall Plate
  • Mixer installations
  • Bar Shower Valves
  • Wall mounted bath taps
  • Stud Wall Installations
  • Plaster Board Installations
  • Brick Work Installations
  • Wooden Wall Installations
Flexible Installations

Any Orientation

The 150, example orientation 1
The 150, example orientation 2
The 150, example orientation 3
The 150, example orientation 4
Fully Compatible

Designed for use with any Standard 150mm Mixer or Wall Mounted Taps

The 150, example application 1
The 150, example application 2
The 150, example application 3
The 150, example application 4

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The 150 is an innovative shower wall plate and the hassle-free way to install a bar shower valve and can be fixed to any surface including stud walls, plaster board & brickwork.

To help install onto any surface the 150, a flexible shower wall plate, has 9 screw holes.

The 150 is a innovative and flexible shower wall plate which is able to attach 15mm pipe work from any angle or orientation.

The 150 is an essential First Fix to hold pipes in the correct position. Installers can then use the second fix of their choice or fixing kit which may be supplied with the tap or shower.

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