Click Fix

The One-Stop Copper Pipe Repair Kit.
No pipe cutting required.

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Simple Copper Pipe Repair Kit to Fix Pipe Leaks Permanently

The Click Fix is a pre-soldered copper repair patch for 15mm and 22mm Copper Pipe. It provides a quick solution to repairing damaged or leaking Copper pipes and preventing water damage.

The Click Fix is simple to install; click and heat. There is no pipe cutting required, which makes it particularly ideal when repairing a copper pipe in an awkward place.

Flowflex Click Fix Installed on a Copper Pipe
Click Fix Installed on a Copper Pipe
Click Fix

The One-Stop Solution for Fixing Pipe Leaks

  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Quick to Install
  • DIY Suitable
  • Pre-Soldered
  • Long Term Reliability
  • Compatible with Standard Copper Pipe made to BS EN 1057

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Click Fix is a simple three step installation suitable for any DIY enthusiast;

  1. Clean around the leak and apply flux
  2. Attach the Click Fix
  3. Apply Heat

Full installation instructions can be found on our installation page.

The Click Fix is designed to work with Copper Pipe manufactured to BS EN 1057, which is standard issue Copper Pipe in the UK and Europe. Depending on which size you have, it will work with either 15mm or 22mm sized pipe.

The Click fix comes in two sizes; 15mm or 22mm.

Yes, the Click Fix has undertaken various tests at the University of Salford and has successfully maintained a leak tight seal over a damaged area of pipe for a minimum period of 30 minutes when subjected to a pressure slightly in excess of 50 bar at a temperature of 22°C.

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