Copper Press Reduced Tee 6130RM

Copper Press Reduced Tee 6130RM

Product Code



Copper Press Reduced Tee

Product Type


Product Range

Copper Press


CodeDesignationMass (kg)Bag QtyBox QtyTariff Code
6130RM.221515B22 x 15 x 15mm0.11580-
6130RM.221522B22 x 22 x 15mm0.115580-
6130RM.222215B22 x 15 x 22mm0.1121080-
6130RM.281528B28 x 28 x 15mm0.15550-
6130RM.282222B28 x 22 x 22mm0.148550-
6130RM.282228B28 x 28 x 22mm0.166550-
6130RM.282822B28 x 22 x 28mm0.149550-
6130RM.351535B35 x 35 x 15mm0.168530-
6130RM.352235B35 x 35 x 22mm0.198530-
6130RM.352835B35 x 35 x 28mm0.218530-
6130RM.421542B42 x 42 x 15mm0.311224-
6130RM.422242B42 x 42 x 22mm0.325224-
6130RM.422842B42 x 42 x 28mm0.337224-
6130RM.423542B42 x 42 x 35mm0.36220-
6130RM.542254B54 x 54 x 22mm0.382212-
6130RM.542854B54 x 54 x 28mm0.434212-
6130RM.543554B54 x 54 x 35mm0.474212-
6130RM.544254B54 x 54 x 35mm0.526210-
6130RM.672867B67 x 67 x 28mm0.68214-
6130RM.673567B67 x 67 x 35mm0.73714-
6130RM.674267B67 x 67 x 42mm0.86314-
6130RM.675467B67 x 67 x 54mm0.91414-
6130RM.762276B76 x 76 x 22mm0.94712-
6130RM.762876B76 x 76 x 28mm1.0212-
6130RM.763576B76 x 76 x 35mm1.05712-
6130RM.764276B76 x 76 x 42mm1.18312-
6130RM.765476B76 x 76 x 54mm1.27412-
6130RM.766776B76 x 76 x 67mm1.35512-
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